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Frequently Asked Questions about hiring an MK motorhome in Sufolk
Obviously it depends on how hard you drive the motorhome. If you are careful you should get up to 30 miles to the gallon. Not so careful and it will probably be around 26 miles to the gallon. Stopping & Starting through a City in rush hour for example, would only return around 18.
In the UK it is illegal to have the gas supply switched on whilst moving. It is also illegal to walk around in the back of the motorhome whilst travelling. Sorry, you must wait until you have parked up before preparing food or drink. Or even "nipping" to the loo!
Yes! It is illegal to travel in the rear of the motorhome when not wearing seatbelts. For example - A 2 berth may actually be able to sit up to 6 people but if it only has 2 seatbelts, then only 2 can travel.
You are welcome to use our motorhomes at Festivals and other special events. However, we need to know before hand to make special arrangements with our insurance company and this may incurr an extra charge.
At the moment we only allow travel in the UK
It may be still be possible to hire a motorhome, however, our insurance company may apply a surcharge for the period of the hire. Please complete our enquiry form and we will let you know if this is the case.
Whilst we are pet lovers, Unfortunately we do not allow any pets in our motorhomes.